About NextStageAI

The idea to develop NextStageAI came in 2022 when we experimented a lot with AI and filled our own online stores with various content formats. First of all, we were interested in the quality of the texts and the quality of the freely available prompts. Disillusionment quickly set in, as neither the finished prompts nor the content quality were convincing. Thus, we have developed over 1,200 custom prompts, tested and “fed” open source language models with information to generate compelling text quality related to search engine optimization.

Since we run our own online stores and have added a new range of products to one of our stores, this was the starting point for us to have our category texts written and tested on an AI basis, optimized for search engines and unique in high quality. Since there were over 100 categories involved, we still found the process of having each individual text written, reviewed, copy/pasted into the store backend to be too laborious and time consuming.

We have developed a plugin that automatically creates the URL path based on a database upload, integrates the search engine optimized text and integrates the SEO title and meta description in Yoast, i.e. creates and completes the categories. Anyone can download this plugin for free and use it for their online store.

In addition, we understand the importance of unique and engaging content in the digital landscape. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide you with a platform where you can have high-quality, AI-generated texts created. Whether you run a blog or online store, run a business, or are just looking for professional content, we’re here for you. Discover the possibilities of NextStageAI and take your online project to the next level.

Our mission

NextStageAI aims to put artificial intelligence at the service of editors, publishers, agencies, online marketers, SEOs, PR professionals, businesses and individuals. With our platform, we offer users the opportunity to generate unique and high-quality content tailored to their needs.

What distinguishes us

Our technology stands for quality and innovation. By using the latest AI algorithms, we manage to create texts that are not only unique, but also SEO-optimized. This guarantees improved visibility on the web and creates real added value for our customers.

NextStageAI applications

With NextStageAI you have access to a wide range of tools and functions. Whether blog posts, product descriptions or specialized technical articles – our AI-based content platform creates content for you that inspires. Discover the endless possibilities that our platform offers.

The future with NextStageAI

We firmly believe that artificial intelligence is the future of content generation. With continuous research and development, we strive to constantly expand and improve our range. Join us on this exciting journey into a new era of digital communication.

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