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What is an About Us text?

An “About Us” text is an important component on the company website, which is often neglected, although it can significantly contribute to the success of the website. It is a text that is expedient and informative about the company and its history, its team, its mission and other essential aspects. The goal is to increase the trust of website visitors and thus turn them into new customers. Ideally, after reading the “About Us” text, visitors to the website not only remember the content, but also associate positive emotions with the company.

A successful “About Us” text makes the company appear authentic and creates an emotional connection with the reader. It tells the company’s story, presents the company’s values and vision, and introduces the team. Especially in today’s world, the presentation of a company’s philosophy plays an essential role: customers want to know whether products are manufactured sustainably and whether the company assumes social responsibility. In addition to the “soft” factors that make the company seem likeable, however, the “About Us” text must also underpin the company’s expertise. With figures, data and facts, the company’s skills and experience are highlighted and readers are made aware of why they should choose this company.

Advantages & Benefits of About Us Texts

Trust & Confidence Building

With an authentically worded "About Us" text, companies build trust with their website visitors. They provide insights into the company's history, its values and its team, which means they are no longer perceived as just an anonymous entity. This creates a solid basis of trust, which is elementary for successful customer retention.

Conveying the corporate identity

The "About Us" page gives companies the chance to clearly formulate and communicate their identity and philosophy. This is not only about the presentation of the products or services, but also about the presentation of the corporate culture, the values as well as the vision. This can lead to stronger customer loyalty, as customers often choose brands that reflect their personal values.

Differentiation from competition

By sharing its unique story, special capabilities and specific goals, the company can differentiate itself from competitors. A well-worded and personal "About Us" text allows the company to highlight its uniqueness and thus stand out from the crowd.

Positioning as experts

In "About us" texts, companies can also present their expertise and competencies. Awards, certifications or successful projects can be explicitly highlighted here. In this way, the company positions itself as an expert in its field and at the same time strengthens the trust of its customers.

Creating transparency

A detailed and informative "About Us" page looks transparent and can help customers feel well-informed. Not only does this increase customer confidence, but it can also help eliminate any concerns or objections.

Emotional connection

Sharing the company's story and introducing employees creates an emotional connection to the company. Customers can thus identify with the company and feel more connected, which in turn strengthens customer loyalty.

You need an appealing About Us text for your website?

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