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What is a site text?

Location text is customized text on a website that focuses specifically on a particular location or region. This can be especially useful if a company has multiple branches or subsidiaries and is trying to get local traffic and attention. Site text typically includes information about a company’s specific offering at a particular site, the region in which the site is located, and the unique characteristics of that site compared to others.

Site copywriting is an essential aspect of local search engine optimization (SEO). These texts help increase a website’s visibility in local search results, leading to more relevant traffic and potentially more conversions. This is done by specifically including locally relevant keywords (e.g. “service + city”) in the text.

Site texts should be created individually for each site to avoid duplicate content and improve SEO ranking. They should contain specific information about the location and what is on offer there, and establish a link to the region, for example by highlighting local culture, history or geography. Important details such as address, contact details and opening hours should also be considered. Site copywriting is a careful process that should take into account both the needs of the local audience and SEO best practices. When implemented correctly, site copy can strengthen a company’s local presence and improve its search engine rankings.

Advantages & benefits of site texts

Improved local SEO ranking

Location texts help to improve the local SEO ranking of a company. They help search engines identify the relevance of a website to specific regional search queries, which can lead to better placement in search results.

Higher visibility and findability

By providing specific information about a location and using regional keywords, location copy increases a website's visibility to users searching for local services or products. This improves the findability of the company and can lead to increased traffic.

Increase relevance

Location texts help to increase the relevance of a company for the local target group. They allow the company to provide specific information and offers tailored to the needs and interests of people in the region.

Increased conversion rates

Location texts help to improve the local SEO ranking of a company. They help search engines identify the relevance of a website to specific regional search queries, which can lead to better placement in search results.

Provision of information

Site texts serve as a helpful source of information for website visitors. They provide information about the opening hours, exact address, contact details and other relevant details of the respective location. This increases the usability of the website and makes it easier for potential customers to get in touch with the company.

Differentiation from the competition

Location copy allows a company to stand out from the competition through specific content tailored to the region. By providing insights into local features, special offers, or exclusive services at a particular location, location copy can help highlight the company's uniqueness and build a stronger connection with the local community.

For whom are site texts interesting? Six examples.

Location-based services

Businesses that provide services in specific geographic areas, such as handymen, cleaners, or landscapers, can use location text to describe their services for each specific region.

Branch-based companies

Large retailers or chain restaurants can use location texts to provide information about individual stores, including their specific offers, opening hours and contact details.

Medical services

Doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and other medical providers can use site text to describe their practices, explain the services they offer, and provide important information such as office hours and emergency contact information.

Cultural & recreational facilities

Museums, theaters, sports stadiums, and other cultural and recreational facilities can use location texts to provide detailed information about their facilities, hours, events, and services.

Tourism & Hospitality

Hotels, B&Bs, tour operators and tourism offices can use location texts to describe their facilities and the area's attractions.

Car dealerships

Car dealers and dealerships can use location texts to provide information about their specific outlets. These may include details about the vehicle models available, the services offered (such as vehicle maintenance and repair), opening hours and contact details.

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