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What is a product description?

A product description is an important component in e-commerce that outlines the key features and characteristics of a product. It serves as the main source of information for potential customers and should help convince them to buy the product. Since direct contact with the product and personal consultations are limited in e-commerce, the product description plays a decisive role. It should not only provide factual information, but also arouse emotions and build trust in the store and the product. Therefore, they need to be aligned with both the target audience and the product.

A good product description pursues various goals. First and foremost, it should inform the customer in detail about the product and at the same time motivate them to make a purchase decision through emotional appeal. It can be designed differently depending on the store and the target group, whereby either an entertaining or a factual-neutral presentation of the product can be advantageous. It is also important that the product description is search engine optimized, as it can also serve as an entry page via social media or search engines.

Advantages & benefits of product descriptions

Improve customer loyalty

Product descriptions offer the opportunity to create an emotional connection with potential customers. Detailed descriptions and relevant information make customers feel better informed and more inclined to make a purchase decision.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Proper use of keywords in product descriptions can improve the visibility of the product in search engines. This leads to more visitors and potentially more sales.

Conversion rate increase

A well-written product description can significantly increase the conversion rate. It helps customers understand the product and its benefits, which increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Reduction of the rate of returns

Precisely described products minimize misunderstandings and incorrect purchases. This results in fewer products being returned, which saves costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Differentiation from the competition

Unique and detailed product descriptions can help set you apart from the competition. You convey added value to the customer, increasing the likelihood that they will choose your product.

Improvement of the brand identity

Product descriptions are not only informative texts, but also an opportunity to communicate your brand's voice and personality. By having a consistent tone and style in product descriptions that matches your brand identity, you can create a stronger brand image and build brand loyalty among customers.

For whom are product descriptions interesting? Six examples.

E-commerce company

For online stores, product descriptions are essential to convince customers of a product's benefits and provide them with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Manufacturer & Brands

Product descriptions are essential for companies that sell their products directly. They help to highlight the unique selling propositions and target customers. In addition, product descriptions must be unique for retailers.

Marketplaces & Platforms

In marketplaces, where various sellers offer their products, meaningful product descriptions provide a way to stand out from the competition.

Technology company

In the technology industry, where products are often complex, clear and precise product descriptions are of great importance. They help to communicate technical functions and specifications in an understandable way.

New product launches

When launching new products, convincing product descriptions are crucial to arouse customers' interest and convince them of the innovations.

Service provider

For services, well-written product descriptions can provide a clear overview of the added value the customer can expect.

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