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What is editorial planning?

Editorial planning is a key component of content marketing and involves planning and coordinating copy. It serves as a fundamental foundation in the content process and provides a roadmap of sorts for copywriting. With editorial planning, you keep track of the topics you want to cover, when they should be published, and which keywords are of particular importance. This allows you to work in a structured and focused way and ensures a coherent and professional appearance of your blog or business.

Editorial planning is topic-centered and forms a framework for your texts in the form of a monthly plan. This includes the pre-selection of topics, defined publication periods and the identification of relevant keywords. Through careful and strategic planning, you can ensure that your content is timely, relevant, and engaging for your target audience. Editorial planning not only helps organize and manage your content process, but also allows you to react to trends and current events and incorporate them into your content. In short, good editorial planning is at the heart of a successful content marketing strategy.

Advantages & benefits of editorial planning

Structure and clarity

Well thought-out editorial planning creates structure and clarity. It allows you to organize all topics, dates and assigned keywords in one place. This way, you keep track of everything and ensure that all relevant content is covered in a timely manner.

Efficient resource planning

Editorial planning ensures efficient resource planning. By pre-planning content, you can effectively allocate and manage your resources, be it time or staff. This helps you to optimize your workflows and thus save costs and time.

Consistency and regularity

Publishing content regularly is critical to building a loyal readership and a strong online presence. Through editorial planning, you can ensure that your content is published consistently and regularly, providing your readers with fresh and relevant content at all times.

Quality control

By planning your content in advance, you have the opportunity to perform quality control before publishing. This way you can make sure that all content meets your standards and is relevant to your target audience.

SEO optimization

In the editorial planning, you can also consider relevant keywords to be processed in your content. This will help you optimize your content for search engines and thus increase your visibility on the web.


Although editorial planning is a sort of "roadmap" for your content, it still provides enough flexibility to respond to current trends or events. This way you can make sure your content stays current and relevant.

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