Functions of NextStageAI

Here you can find all functions of NextStageAI described in detail. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or via our contact form.

First steps

Choose your package

Before you can start using NextStageAI, you need to choose the package that is right for you. We offer 4 different user packages, which differ mainly in the number of possible users. Depending on the package, you can create a certain number of users for your account. Choose the package that best fits the size of your business.


Once you have selected your desired package, please create a NextStageAI user account. With the data entered there, you can then log in to your user account later. As confirmation you will receive an email after the account creation. In the future, you can log in with your user account via the "Login" menu item.

Balances & Transactions

Balance & Transactions

Under the menu item "Top up balance" in your user account, you can see your current balance and transactions. By clicking on "View transactions", you will see all transactions for your account chronologically. Here you can find your credit top-ups as well as your debits for single and collective orders.

Top up content credit

Each text you can have created at NextStageAI has a fixed price, which is charged against the credit of your user account at the time of creation. You can top up your balance with any value you wish. To help you, you can use our budget calculator to work out exactly how much budget you need for your content project.

Text creation

Create single order

If you want to have a single text created, you can do it easily and intuitively on our "Create a new single order" page. To do this, create a new project or select an existing project to which the text will be assigned later. Then assign a job title under which you can later find your created text in the project and job management. Now you just have to choose the target language (we offer all common languages) and the content format you want. Depending on the selected content format, input fields appear below where you can enter all the necessary information to be taken into account when creating the text. All input fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in. Once you have made all the entries, you can simply click on "Let write text" and NextStageAI will create your finished text for you!

Create collective order

If you want to create several texts at once, you can use our "Create collective order" page. To do this, create a new project or select an existing project to which the text will be assigned later. In the next step, please choose the target language in which your texts should be written. Now you need to select the desired content format for your texts. Once the content format is selected, you will see two buttons, an "Upload" button and a "Download Sample Database" button. By clicking on "Download sample database" you can download a sample pre-filled database for your chosen content format. Now you have to fill in this sample database with the data and information for the texts you want to write. (Please fill in each column with as much detail as possible to get the best possible text result) A text is created for each line in the file. Once you have completed your database, please save it in the format: CSV UTF-8. (The upload works only in CSV UTF-8 format!). You can now upload this file to NextStageAI using the "Upload" button. After uploading, the system calculates whether your credit is enough to have all the texts written. If this is the case, the "Let create texts" button will appear. Now you can simply click on it and your texts will be written by NextStageAI and you will be redirected to the order management, where you can see the progress of the content creation and manage your finished text. Note: Please use only our sample databases filled out by you for the upload and no self-created files!

Project and order management

Project management

In NextStageAI's project management you can find all the projects you have created and manage them in one central place. This gives you a clear overview of your content projects. In the overview you can see all projects with the respective number of orders assigned to the project.

Order management

In the respective project folders, you will find all texts assigned to the project in chronological order. Here you can now export selected texts, delete them or edit individual orders. In the overview, you can see for each job the corresponding job title, the language in which the text was written, the content format of the text, the current status and the creation date. By mass selection you can export selected texts in the desired format.

Management of individual orders

You can manually edit each order in the order management. Once you have clicked on your order, you will always see the order title above and a table with the current status of the order, the language, the content format and the cost of the text. Then follows a text editor where you will find the text created by NextStageAI. Below the text editor you will find a fold-out accordion where you can see which values and information you have entered for the text creation.

Edit & save created texts

Every text created by NextStageAI can be adapted and edited in the respective text editor of the order management. Once the text meets your requirements, you can save it and export it in the desired format. (We offer PDF, HTML & Word export formats).

User management

User management

In the user management of your NextStageAI account, you can create and manage different subusers for your user account, depending on the selected package.

Manage individual users

As the administrator of your user account, you can edit any user in the user management. Here you can store additional information such as the user's name, job title, and phone number, and assign the user the permissions you want. If you don't need a user anymore, you can simply delete him here.

Accounting, Packages & Account Settings

Manage orders & invoices

Under the menu item "Orders / Invoices" in your user account, you will find all your credit recharges. Here you can view the corresponding recharge details again and, if necessary, download the corresponding PDF invoice for your accounting. In the overview you can see for each recharge the matching order number, the user who made the recharge, the date, the status and the total amount of the recharge.

Manage packages

Under the menu item "Subscriptions" in your user account, you will find the package you have booked and can upgrade, downgrade or cancel it as needed. If your team has grown and you need more users for your account, you can easily upgrade your current package to the appropriate package here.

Account details

Under the menu item "Account Settings" in your account, you can edit the general settings like your name, admin password, email address or billing address of your account.

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