Why NextStageAI? The comparison shows it

Whether it’s the intuitive operation, the simple mass production or the comprehensive project management – NextStageAI stands out in content creation compared to ChatGPT or classic content platforms with all kinds of advantages. Convince yourself!

NextStageAI Chatbots (e.g. ChatGPT) Content platforms

Low purchasing costs, minimum time required

No purchasing costs, higher time expenditure


Higher purchasing costs + time expenditure
Order creation

Simple input mask for the essential facts. Ready and tested prompts are stored per content format and create the texts.


Requires expertise in prompting or multiple input steps to make the need clear to the chat.


Detailed briefings must be prepared for the orders.
Predefined prompts

Pre-prepared prompts by content formats that generate unique and customized texts based on the entered facts and data.

Provides ready-made prompts, but they are only generally valid or alternatively: prompts have to be written by yourself.


Is not based on prompts. Briefings must be created individually.
Accurate outputs

Outputs hit the spot as prompts are tailored exactly to the requirements → no prompt engineer needed.


Outputs often not accurate enough, due to too simple or not fitting prompts → Prompt engineer needed for better outputs.

Through detailed but time-consuming briefings outputs very likely to be accurate.
Postprocessing of the texts

Does not need to be reworked, as prompts are perfectly matched to the content format and entering your own data ensures correctness, grammar and spelling.


Text usually always needs to be reworked: Check content, adjust accuracy, adjust formatting.


Depending on the delivered text quality, it may be necessary to rework the text.
Mass production

Mass production via CSV: Multiple texts can be generated simultaneously.


Texts must be requested individually via chat.

Bulk orders possible, but more time consuming.

Text production runs completely automatically, without additional intervention.


"Continue please": limited number of characters in the first output. Manual intervention is required to continue writing.


Texts are created time-intensively by people.
Export function

Export in the desired format possible (Word, PDF, HTML, CSV).


No export function, only copy/paste of the text.

Export function depending on platform (Word, PDF, ...)
Extensive project management

Manage various projects and associated jobs. Central storage: All texts in one place; extensive export functions. Subsequent editing and saving of texts within the project management possible. User management with rights and roles. and much more.


No project management possible.

Manage various projects and associated orders Central storage: All texts in one place. Subsequent editing of texts within the project management possible User management with rights and roles. and much more.

No bells and whistles, easy to use, no prior knowledge required, results in just a few clicks.


Pure input/output mask, for good text results much experience necessary, much copy/paste effort.

Many functions and processes necessary, easy to use, prior knowledge required.
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